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Posi Web Metal Floor Joists

Posi-Web Metal Floor Joists combines the lightness of timber with the strength of the Posi-Strut steel web to form the most versatile, open web system available to the modern building designer, with greater spans and design flexibility, the Posi-Joist gives you unequalled design freedom across a wide range of applications for both floor and roof in domestic, industrial and commercial structures.

With the ever increasing need for MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery) systems, the Posi-Joist provides a perfect and simple solution not always possible with alternative solid timber products. With a range of depths, length and specifications, Posi-Joists can be produced to suit your needs. Differing end details for a variety of support and features can be catered for to suite all site applications.

Engineered I Joists Floors


Structurally engineered timber joists, utilising either Kerto LVL or high-graded PEFC/FSC Certified softwood and an engineered composite central panel, using advanced technology, these components are combined producing an innovating alternative to conventional construction methods.

Manufactured to be stronger and to reduce overall settlement of timber frame construction, straighter and more uniformed dimensions and to span greater distances, I joists come in varying depths from 145mm to 450mm and can be fitted at centres of 300 to 600mm as engineering calculations require.

Designed using Computer Aided Design software to the principles of BS5268 Part 2 with Dead Loads of 0.5KN/M2 or 0.75KN/M2 and Imposed Loads of 1.5KN/M2 and deflection limits of 0.003 times the span of the joists or 14mm, whichever is the lesser.

Finished with either 22mm chipboard flooring for houses or 18mm OSB sub-decking for flatted developments with an Acoustic flooring over.

Designed and engineered to specific project requirements, I joists can be supplied either loose or as cassettes to suite all site requirements and build programmes.

Solid Timber Floor Joists


Utilising PEFC/FSC Certified C16 Grade Treated Timber Joists in accordance with BSEN 336 and designed for imposed loads not exceeding 1.50KN/M2.


Clear Spanning a maximum length of 4.5 meters at a depth of 220mm from 45mm CLS graded timber and fitted at centres of 400mm or a maximum length of 5.1 meters at a depth of 220mm from 72mm CLS graded timber and fitted at centres of 400mm (note wider centres will reduce the clear-span lengths).

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