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Timber Roof Trusses

Engineered Rooofing

Timber Roof Trusses are highly engineered and individually designed components made from strength graded timber with steel nail-plates   Designed and manufactured to BS5268-3 Timber Truss Rafters provide a cost effective and structurally calculated framework to form most roof profiles   Timber Truss Rafters can be utilised with a verity of construction methods including Timber Frame, Masonry and Steel Frame projects, whilst most commonly used on domestic housing projects Timber Truss Rafters can easily be adopted through engineering and design for both commercial and industrial use   Timber Truss Rafters are supplied in 35mm and 47mm timbers with spans ranging from 11 metres to 16 metres and ridge heights of 3.5 metres, greater heights and spans can be achieved by utilising multiple Truss Rafters